Sam “Mayday” Malone’s Jersey Number

In my latest bout of insomnia, I happened upon an episode of Cheers that featured Sam “Mayday” Malone heading to Yankee Stadium to pitch to an old nemesis on his day of honor.  Ted Danson portrayed the relief pitcher turned bar owner who pitched for the Boston Red Sox from 1972 to 1978.  Sammy was donning an away Red Sox uniform in the dugout that featured the #16 on the jersey.  That got me thinking, who else was #16?  Well, leave it to the Red Sox Nation to detail such curiosities on the site RedSoxDiehard.  It’s interesting to note that #16 is unclaimed for the 2011 season.  Also, during Sammy’s pitching years #16 was split between Rick Miller and Tom Burgmeier.

It was cool to find that Sports Illustrated ran an article on Sam Malone, complete with pictures from his playing career and a MacMillan Encyclopedia entry. His totals were 16-30 in 207 G (1 GS) with a 4.01 ERA in 312 2/3 IP with 109 BB and 40 SO.


Johnny Lucas        1931
Gene Rye            1931
Howie Storie        1931 
Johnny Lucas        1932
Jud McLaughlin      1932
Gordon McNaughton   1932 
Ivy Andrews         1933 
Hank Johnson        1934-35 
Jack Wilson         1935 
Stew Bowers         1936 
Mike Meola          1936 
Babe Dahlgren       1936
Dom Dallessandro    1937 
Emerson Dickman     1938-41 
Al Flair            1941
Tony Lupien         1942 
Vic Johnson         1944 
Lou Finney          1944 
Jim Wilson          1945 
Red Steiner         1945 
Roy Partee          1946-47 
Ellis Kinder        1948-55 
Bob Porterfield     1956 
Harry Dorish        1956 
Haywood Sullivan    1957, 1959 
Bill Jurges         1959-60 (MGR) 
Carroll Hardy       1960-62 
Dick Williams       1963-64 
Jim Lonborg         1965-71 
Bob Bolin           1970 
Rick Miller         1972-77 
Tom Burgmeier       1978-81 
Bill Buckner        1984 
Dave Sax            1985 
Kevin Romine        1985-91 
Bob Zupcic          1991 
Frank Viola         1992-94 
Dave Oliver         1995-96 (COACH)
Joe Kerrigan        1997-2001 (COACH, MGR) 
Bob Kipper          2002 (COACH)
Lou Collier         2003
Ricky Gutierrez     2004
Edgar Renteria      2005
David Wells         2005-06
Luis Alicea         2007-08 (COACH)
George Kottaras     2009
Marco Scutaro       2010
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