Tim Thomas

First off, congrats to Tim Thomas and the Boston Bruins on winning the Stanley Cup, the first for the Bruins since 1972.  The big four Boston teams certainly have been on a roll the past decade, with each capturing a championship in their respective sport.  The Tim Thomas story is particularly inspiring.  Google it.  This got me wondering how many baseball Tim Thomases made it to the big show, as it’s seemingly a common enough name.  Turns out it’s zero.  Not even a cup of coffee?!  Both Tim Thomases listed in baseball-reference played at varying levels in the minors.  Coincidentally, Tim Thomas‘ time in the minors with the Detroit Tigers overlapped with that of the Cleveland Indians’ Timothy Thomas.  The NBA’s Tim Thomas fared better, but retired from the Dallas Mavericks the season before they won an NBA title.  While not a Tim, Tom Thomas is my favorite if I had to round up.  He’s got a great nickname, Savage Tom, and has an unexplained four year gap on his playing resume between pitching for the 1894 Cleveland Spiders and 1899 St. Louis Perfectos.  Interestingly, the Perfectos name stuck for only one season, sandwiched in between the Browns (1883-1898) and, of course, the Cardinals (1900-present).

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